Wednesday, May 13, 2009


With the onset of allergy season and Jules attempting to quit his long seated tobacco habit, headaches are becoming more frequent in our household. Jules is a strong believer in Advil. However, I react very strongly to drugs (over the counter or otherwise) which has resulted in NO MORPHINE permanently written into my hospital file along with one heck of an embarrassing story for my parents to tell over and over again. It has also caused quite a look into alternatives in medicine.

As such, Feverfew tea is my chosen remedy for headaches. Feverfew is a herb so named because it has long been used to treat or relieve fevers, inflammation in joints and arthritis, and headaches. It contains vitamins A, C, niacin, and Iron and is also believed to increase appetite and cure asthma.

You can make a tea out of it by combining 1 Tablespoon of the herb with 1 cup of boiling water. Steep for about 10 minutes and drink. I mix it with some honey so that it doesn't taste nearly as sharp with the added sweetener.

If you wish to use Feverfew to cure migranes it will need to be consumed in one cup increments daily for about 4-6 weeks. This may sound tedieous, but as a teenage migrane sufferer I understand the debilitating effects of such ailments and it is worth the effort! Medical science has shown a dramatic effect in feverfew versus plecebo when studied for migranes. So, if you want to attempt to get off the prescriptions (or if the prescriptions don't work for you), I'd give it a try. You can eat and or chew on a the fresh leaves a few times a day to lessen the frequency and severity of headaches, also.

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Unlike Horehound, Feverfew is actually pretty and can be grown in the home garden. It is a cold hardy, terrible soil loving plant that is hard to kill and loves to be left alone.

So far I've converted Jules to Horehound, now I just have to work my VooDoo medicine (as he calls it) on the Feverfew!

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