Life List

Watching the sunrise on Mt. Adams

"Have the courage of your desire."
~George R. Gissing

Personally, these are things I would like to accomplish in my lifetime.  Slowly, but surely, this is becoming a family Life List.  The Barracuda's personal life list is below the family list (because he is constantly adding more things and it is much easier to edit that way).  He began this list at the age of 6 and carefully researches all items before they are added.  Many of the items will be accomplished as a family (marked with an *asterisk*).  This list is an attempt to document goals and dreams in order to maximize our lifetime.  I am a long term planner, Jules is much more short term practicality and The Barracuda falls somewhere in the middle.  Many of these are already in the works.  For some reason, writing them down gives a finality and desire to really work toward accomplishment.

    Become a Mazama (* Fall 2012)
    Join the Peace Corp
    Road Trip Across the United States* Accomplished Summer 2010
    Compete in a Triathlon 
    The River Jordan, Sea of Galili, and the Dead Sea
    India and Tibet
    Machu Picchu
    The Red Sea
    Aztec and Mayan Ruins
    Mesa Verde (*)
Learn To:
    Lasso Things while riding a horse
    Rock Climb (* Currently Working At It; 2010-2011)
    Read Tibetan
    Play an Instrument (*Currently Working At It; Guitar/Banjo)
    Speak a Foreign Language (*Currently Working At It; Spanish)
    Shoot a Gun* Accomplished Summer 2011, but still practicing
    Track, Stalk and Hunt
    Practice a Martial Art In Self-Defense
    Read the Weather (*Currently Working At It)
    Dance Salsa, Swing accomplished fall/winter 2010, and Belly (*)
   In the Middle of NowhereAccomplished Spring 2011; Gifford Pinchot National Forest
    In Peru
    As a Beach Bum
    On a Sailboat
    In a Treehouse
    On a Self-Sustaining Farm
    In a House I Built Myself * Accomplished Summer 2011
    Patagonia and Torres del Paine
    Milford, Routeburn, and Kelper Tracks
    John Muir Trail (Summer 2012)
    The Continental Divide Trail *     
    The Appalachian Trail  (*Spring/Summer/Fall 2016)  
    The Pacific Crest Trail  (*Spring/Summer/Fall 2012)
    The Grand Canyon
    The Great North Walk  
    Great Wall of China
    The Camino de Santiago de Compostela (*)
    The Colorado Trail
    Tattosh Range
    Paria Canyon
    Arizona Trail

The Barracuda's Life List


The Pacific Crest Trail (Spring/Summer 2012)
The Appalachian Trail
The John Muir Trail (Spring/Summer 2012)
The Continental Divide Trail
Circumnavigate all volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range:

Mt. Hood  Accomplished Summer 2011
Mt. St. Helens Accomplished Summer 2011
Mt. Rainier
Mt. Adams
Mt. Shasta
Three Sisters Accomplished Summer 2011
Mt. Jefferson
Mt. Baker
Mt. Washington
Glacier Peak
Newberry Volcano
Mt. Lassen
Medicine Lake Volcano
Crater Lake
Mt. McLoughlin
Half Dome in Yosemite
All volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range:
Mt. Hood
Mt. St. Helens
Mt. Rainier
Mt. Adams
Mt. Shasta
Three Sisters
Mt. Jefferson
Mt. Baker
Glacier Peak
Newberry Volcano
Mt. Lassen
Medicine Lake Volcano
Crater Lake
Mt. McLoughlin
Mt. Washington
Mt. Theilsen

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves."
~John Muir