Thursday, December 17, 2009


So what does our family do without television? We build an 8 foot catapult and launch miscellaneous objects (basketballs, baseballs, the Barracuda's shoe) over our side fence and into the neighbor's yard.

Uh, was really cool!

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Mr. H. said...

Now that looks like fun.:) How very ingenious and much better than television.

Granola Girl said...

This website has a TON of information and quite a few plans for different catapults ranging from tabletop (made of straws) to a mini 3 foot tall one with 2x4's.

Your grandson would probably be as enamored with them as the Barracuda was. I thought it was pretty rad as well :) The possibilities of stuff to fling mean hours of fun.

We are planning on pulling it out in the street when we have snow so the entire neighborhood can fling snowballs.

Karen Sue said...

Granola Girl-
THIS IS SO COOL!! I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to find anything at my house would be flung all over the neighborhood!! Let us know how is does with the snow. Is it difficult to 'set'?

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