Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh My Goodness!

I am now a bona fied paid writer. I get paid to write. Real money! Well, digital money as it is telecommuting, but it is money. I claim what articles I want to write about and then I do it and I get paid. I'm still amazed by this. Total shock!

I have been writing for a subscription website for a couple months now, but it is a maximum of only five articles a month and doesn't even bring in $100. It was enough to call myself an aspiring writer, but not a real one. Not anymore! This one is enough to actually have to file a tax return!

I get to be home, with my son. I get to still homeschool. Best of all, I get to write for a living! Swoon! Happy! Happy! Happy! Happy!

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Mel said...

Congratulations! Who are you writing for? Will you post links?

Granola Girl said...

The website a currently do a couple articles for a month is subscription, so no links since you guys wouldn't be able to see them anyway without logging in. That is why it hasn't ever been published here.

I'm pretty sure I can post links for this new one though. It isn't a residual revenue sort of thing (the more clicks the more money). It would be more along the lines of "this sounds interesting."

I am writing for "Internet Brands" doing Do-It-Yourself articles for

I can branch out into other stuff if I want (and I might once I really get the hang of it) but mainly that is where I am starting.

babbaapril said...

Many congratulations! You are a natural writer with wonderful voice. Your mother thinks you're fabulous.

Karen Sue said...

sounds like a great break! I have lost my job this week and now need to spend a bit of time figuring out where to go from here. It is a bit exciting. I can be anything now, right??!?! OK, maybe not brain MD, but there are all kinds of possibilities!!

Granola Girl said...

Good luck with the search. I'm patiently awaiting the final paperwork to go through and it seems to be taking FOREVER. Jules is already getting antsy.

I like the attitude though! Positive as always :)

Mr. H. said...

Congratulations, that is so great, I am very happy for you. How rewarding to be able to work from home.

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