Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We're Baaack!

We are back, the trip was great and highly insightful. There is nothing quite like leaving your life for a month to be able to stand back and really look at it.

For quite a while the focus of this blog, and also our lives, has been on the infrastructure needed to support a carbon free, slower paced lifestyle. Rather intensely, we have pursued a myriad of things necessary to changing the cultural paradigm we knew so well. We love it and it has worked wonderfully. The carbon footprint of our lives has greatly diminished and the purpose of our existence has improved significantly. From killing our TV to now killing our dryer, the changes seem to finally be slowing down a bit as we fine tune the process of actually creating a life rather than just moving through it. Finally, it seems, there is some breathing room to look back, enjoy all that has come to pass, and to really see one another as the family we have become.

With that in mind, there will hopefully be a bit more narrative involved in days which follow. The groundwork of practicality seems to have been well laid and now I go about being more of a mom, partner, and person rather than a slightly psychotic hippie.

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