Thursday, January 13, 2011

So Far....

We're in Hood River at a coffee shop warming up. They have a computer we can use for a short stint of time.

So far we have traveled through an extreme weather advisory were we got 8-10 inches of snow. I woke up every three hours (and sometimes only a hour or so) to knock the snow off the tent, and the Barracuda and I both shared my my sleeping bag to keep warm. The next day was hiking through freezing rain which came down all day. The Barracuda is still going strong and when it looked like no where to sleep last night, he convinced the hotel lady to let us pay cash so we could continue.

We're off to take on Starvation Creek and Mt. Defiance tomorrow. It's been great.

The Barracuda's favorite parts so far:
Being at the hotel
ice cycles the size of him
lots of animal tracks in the snow
Walking to Memaloose

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