Friday, February 04, 2011

Scarecrow Alert

My son has just informed me there are soul sucking, crazed, teleporting scarecrows coming in from Idaho. I clarified that perhaps they would be coming from Iowa instead because that is where all the corn is. Nope, The Barracuda was very sure. Idaho. Mr. H, he wanted you to be aware of this and asked that if you did perhaps see any frightening scarecrows coming to life and beginning the process of teleportation, could you please send them to the East Coast. Apparently, you have some control over these things. Just in case, he is sleeping with his pocket knife and the dog.

Where does he get this stuff?

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Mr. H. said...

You know, I'm not afraid of much of anything but have never liked scarecrows...they make me nervous. If I do see any in that transitional phase I will certainly send them packing to the east coast.:)

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