Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Technical Snafu!

We are experiencing some serious technological difficulties over here. One of our computers got a sexually transmitted disease. It wasn't pretty. It didn't live through it. What became a singular infection spread - very rapidly! Two more computers are in the shop, one has had major data recovery surgery and I think I might have contained the issue on this computer.

Do not allow your spouse to turn off the virus protection software and then go onto nefarious websites. It can mean a lot of trouble! Well, perhaps allow is the wrong word. Maybe, directly warn your spouse of how much damage can be created from this risky behavior.

There are a stack of pictures to show you all about the cabin and talk about how awesome the entire experience is. I'm hoping to get the posts up in the next two days.

The Barracuda and I are currently spending 5 days up at the cabin and 2 days in town. Currently there is no Internet up there so many posts will have to be written and scheduled. Here's hoping to get it all reeled in!

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Alice said...

Oh no!!! I was wondering why no updates! That explains it ... Ugh, good luck with the computer post-mortem and funeral. We've had to do that twice in the past 4 years and have now switched to Macs. I hope these last more that 2 years each ... Can't wait to see pics of the new home.

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