Sunday, July 03, 2011

Going Sailing

So, what do we do without television? We open water sailing! These are 9 foot skiff boats designed for kids. In fact, I have no idea what is going on. I'm just the parent who stays on the shore.

Luckily, Erica is all over it because she has been racing for years. The Barracuda has developed a desire to begin competitive open water racing and we live in just the right place! Here these sorts of events start at age 5 and the National championships went on less than a month ago. He went out with a girl from his homeschool group (age 14) who is actively involved with the local Gorge Racing Association. Now, he's hooked.

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Damien said...

I thought you guys lived in the middle of the bush now? Is he able to sail on the lake that is near your cabin?

Melynda said...

What a cool opportunity! As much as I love teaching/sharing skills with my kids, it's great when you can find an "expert" to take a turn. My kids are in swim lessons right now, and in addition to having a teacher who is trained specifically to teach kids to swim, they get the chance to interact with someone else with a different teaching style. I guess the Barracuda was appropriately named: A water creature that bites into things ;)

Granola Girl said...

Damien~ We do live in the middle of no where. However it is in the Columbia River Gorge. We are surrounded by the National Forests which are protected for the spotted owl. This means that there isn't much civilization, but there is a whole lot of wind, water, and recreation. People come from all over the U.S. to kiteboard, wind surf, sail, and kayak near us; the PCT goes right past us, and the rock climbing brings people in as well since it is all federally protected against much civilization. Our cabin was built in the 1940's and grandfathered in as residential space. The lake in front of our cabin we currently use to canoe and sit-on-top kayak. In October the final dam is being decommissioned and our lake (actually a reservoir) will return to a free and wild river so the salmon run can be restored. We can put in a kayak up the way and literally white water back home. His learning to open water sail in the Columbia is coupled with the white water kayaking lessons we are taking.

Mel~ It has been really neat allowing others, especially kids, to teach him. It is really fun to watch how he responds differently to them as opposed to his dad and I. We know a whole lot about land recreation, but not so much the water stuff. It is odd being in a place where there are so many different sports to choose from and so many people ready to teach others for free!

Mr. H. said...

Now that looks like fun. Hmm, let's see, watch it on the TV box or do it for real...not a hard decision for him is it.:)

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