Thursday, August 16, 2012

Damn Cat

When we came home from climbing Mt. Adams, Jules called The Barracuda outside for something and I paid no attention. I went inside to use the bathroom.  That is what moms do when they come home.  It is a rule.

Apparently, there was quite the adorable Siamese cat just milling around the woodpile and Jules wanted to show it to The Barracuda.

Now, is there a single mother in the entire world that doesn't know how this story is going to end?!?  

Meet Kitty Kitty.

Kitty Kitty doesn't have a formal name yet.  She just has a 7 year old boy's complete adoration.  He made a "house" for the cat.  He insisted food be purchased for the cat.  When Jules and I went to the store, he stayed outside, in the dark, just to talk to the cat. He didn't sleep much worrying the cat might be eaten or run away.  What is more, he has the undivided attention of this feline and she tends to have chosen him as her person.

Jules appears to be a bit hooked as well, since Kitty Kitty bears striking resemblance to a long lost pet from years previous.

....Remember that whole long distance backpacking thing?

...Pacific Crest Trail?

...Vicious Doberman named Guadalupe?

...Obviously loved cat whom someone lost and might miss?

Yes, Barracuda, we can teach Kitty Kitty to climb the ladder so she can sleep with you.  How can I say no to this face?

3 thoughts:

elaine said...

LOL!!! Oh geeze... you can't say no. Nope, no way. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame you never made it through Oregon. I would've loved to have met you while I was doing trail magic there. Amazing kid you've got there! Funhog

Jennifer said...

Are you done with the PCT now? Doing it in sections? Sorry if you stated that already but I seem to have missed it. (=

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