Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Longer Mom-of-the-Year

Well, my possibly of running for Mom-of-the-Year lasted about 18 days. While checking my email this morning, I was in shocked disbelief that my federal (and thus state) tax returns were denied. Denied!?! But my tax return is the easy one. Literally a 1040-EZ it is so simple. One job, part time, no itemized deductions or mortgages or anything. I do it on the Internet in about a half hour. What on earth?! Panic and thoughts of audits ran through my head. I couldn't survive an audit. My water tight filing system is a giant crumpled pile on the shelving next to our bed.

I open the document and then realize that it was returned because...

I misspelled my son's name.

Good Job Mom!

Yeah, see those federal people are rather picky that the Social Security number actually match the name of the person you are trying to receive money for. Quick fix, all better, nicely accepted now in just under 45 minutes. All Good.

Perhaps this will become a funny story for him when he is a parent, or eighty, or if I decided to tell him at all.

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Karen Sue said...

My hubby is a CPA and we do LOTS of taxes...
You may be surprised at the number of people that forget to tell you they had a baby...
And we have those kick back enough because they don't's tricky when they have several different last names and you have to make them all match up!!

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