Friday, January 08, 2010

Princess Bell Bell

To the untrained eye this may seem like a very nice hand towel for the bathroom. I must say that is what I thought when I looked upon my completed knitting project this evening. Winter is my time to knit and I'm always pleased when I actually follow through with a project, regardless of how small. "Oh self," I thought, "What a nice hand towel that is going to make for the bathroom. I'm so glad I now have another one stocked up."

Bell Bell quickly informed me of my complete inadequate understanding of the way things work in this house. Silly me. This is not a hand towel. Oh no. It is a cat blanket. This is Bell Bell's newly hand-knit, red carpet which apparently needs to be laid out upon the couch for her to grace us with her presence. My apologies Princess Bell Bell. A thousand forgivenesses for my ignorance.

As you can see, our cat is not spoiled at all.

2 thoughts:

Mr. H. said...

Ah yes, we think of them as pets but in reality it is the other way around. She appears most content.:)

Karen Sue said...

It's good to be Queen..especially if others know it..

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