Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's A Wonderful Live

It secretly amazes me how wonderful our life is. I'm hoping others out there have the same feeling.

We aren't perfect; we have problems. We bicker. Our son has moments of being naughty. I'm not very good at keeping the house tidy. Jules' socks stink. We don't have much money in savings. I don't have a degree yet. We all have and do things that annoy the crap out of each other. Keeping up with close friends gets put off regularly. We don't exercise or brush our teeth like we know we should.

But our life, the stuff that really matters, is disgusting great. We all Love each other and make it a point to let each other know. We spend time together regularly and feel appreciated (most of the time). We're happy and fulfilled. Spicy Barracuda is curious, stimulated, and actively pursues knowledge. We are healthy. Our little house fits us, we can live within our means (sometimes barely). We have fun together. We are all comfortable enough to be silly, weird, and stupid together. At the risk of sounding too sappy and Hallmark-wonderful, I'll stop there.

The best part of all is that we can share our aspirations with each other and strive to make things happen. This support is something I've never really had much of. Though my family has always been financially supportive (sometimes astoundingly so) much of the time we're on entirely different wavelengths with life.

As such, my Life List has been posted along the tabs at the top of the page to remind me of the various things I would like to learn, see, and accomplish . To me it puts my thoughts down in print so that I can work toward them (even subconsciously) as a way to make my life feel more fulfilled. It seems to me that too many people feel that there is either no time in their current lives or all the time in the future and wind up standing at 60 wondering why they never fit in any of the things they really wanted to do. Still others (I fit in here) never consciously sat down and thought about the things which would make them feel as though they had really lived.

John Goddard is the poster child for the Life List, and though I don't necessarily believe in the degree of his self promoting, the message of dreaming and going for it is one of quality. I hope to promote such ideas in my son and live this message by having a list of my own which I can check off.

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