Monday, April 13, 2009

Tom Sawyer

Peter Pan was a great success! Much rapture was had when the last duels broke out. Much wonder at all the discussion of fairies. Flying was amazing as was the idea of living underground and having a tree as a door. Pirates definitely one out over mermaids and little care was placed to the Redskins. More than anything, the idea of sitting down and listening to a story together has been fostered to the point Barracuda now asks to read together. Even if the entire story is lost to him, the desire to sit down and read is considered a solid victory to me.

So, now we are on to our next book: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The Barracuda is excited and so is Jules. Peter Pan was a bit painful for Jules to get through. His adult cynicism discouraged the wonder of the book a bit and made it hard for him to relate. But, Tom Sawyer. There is a boy Jules can relate to! Growing up in a small town on the Mississippi, living on stories and mischief, sneaking away to get into trouble with boyhood friends, trying to win the favor of a girl - this could easily be written about Jules himself.

I'm hoping this story reignites some desire within Jules to read with the Barracuda at night. Jules read, and the Barracuda loved it, but I would much rather the experience be mutually enjoyable rather than a chore. Unfortunately, most of the books Jules remembers enjoying as a child are just a bit too intense for The Barracuda right now. In a year or so, it will be Jules wanting to read at night exalting in The Last of the Mohicans,Treasure Island, and the like.

Hopefully Tom Sawyer gives Barracuda just enough encouragement to go out and have wonderful stories and adventures in our backyard, but not quite enough to go out trying to win the favor or girls. After all 4 and a half is a bit young!

""Oh, they just have a bully time - take ships, and burn them, and get the money and bury it in awful places in their island where there's ghosts and things to watch, it, and kill everybody in the ships - make 'em walk a plank. they don't kill the women - they're too noble. And the women's always beautiful, too." Chapter 13

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