Friday, April 17, 2009

A Quick Update

Things We Have Learned About Our Rain Barrels

Firstly, rain barrels, the way we made them, cannot withstand a curious four and a half year old little boy climbing upon them to see how much water rained last night. The spigots will fracture right off causing 55-110 gallons (he tried it twice!) to gush out in a nice uniform arch and course toward the foundation of your house much faster than the small child can realize what to do. Luckily, the washers seem to help immensely allowing for the plastic couplings to break clean and not stretch out the holes in the barrel. Equally lucky, if this should happen in your residence a well placed finger from even the smallest hand can plug the hole. After much yelling, getting quite wet, and finding every possible water receptacle in or around our house the barrels were drained. A mad rush to Home Depot and much prayer for it to not rain, allowed for replacement parts and a quick fix.

For those of you who haven't yet purchased the supplies for your rain barrels might I now suggest the $0.79 bright yellow plug which can fit into the ABS pipe bridge between the two barrels. This plug will fit into the sandwich piece (trap adapter) which holds the ABS pipe to the rain barrel. By blocking the bridge pipe, even if it does rain, all that will happen is your barrels will fill in the space above the overflow allowing you a temporary hiatus on the broken barrel filling with water. It will not prevent flooding if it rains like it did for Noah, but it will hold off a shower or two and saved us. For 79 cents it is worth it!

Lesson Number Two happened just today. Rain Barrels cost much, much more money if you wreck your significant other's truck on the way home from picking them up. Our three rain barrels just increased in price $500 not including what our insurance will tack on each month in increased fees. Drive home very slowly, even when you are only 5 minutes from your turn. Do not allow for any distraction, regardless of how minor. Better yet, find a way for him (or both) of you to go and get the rain barrels so that you aren't borrowing a vehicle when you apprently have an issue with rear ending the guy infront of you. At least tax returns are coming and Jules is understanding beyond belief.

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