Friday, June 26, 2009

Say What?!?

Sometimes it is your children which remind you that your life has changed and you are caught in moments that are so dramatically different you are forced to realize you're not the same. Here are a few things said around our house which you probably wouldn't hear at many of the neighbors:

"You have to finish your strawberry shortcake before you can have any more peas."

"Do you think 100 pounds of apples is enough?"

"Mom, can you sharpen my axe?"

"The rain barrels are not a toy!"

"I'll get your lunch in a minute, I'm eviscerating the chicken right now."

"I figured we had some time before dinner, so I'd take apart the chainsaw."

"Do you want to help me dig up your lunch?"

"Will you check the cottage cheese? It has been on top of the fridge now for two days."

"Sorry I missed your call, I was out hangin' the wash."

"You smell like three day old compost!"
(A four year old insult)

"I'll be in The Hole."

Well, I guess it is official, we're not in Kansas anymore.

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