Friday, June 19, 2009

Fiesta Time!

This post is as much for all you out there as it is for Jules. Apparently someone at work asked him when we were getting married. This has him a bit out of sorts and, well, just plain scared.


Jules and I aren't married. We don't really plan on getting married any time soon. That can also be read, we don't just plain don't plan on getting married at all (don't worry, Honey). This doesn't concern either of us in the least. As I have told Jules, if in ten years it really, really, bothers The Spicy Barracuda and he can give us a decent reason, we should consider it. As it stands however it doesn't really matter at all to us. The reasons are as follows:

For one, marriages are expensive. The average United States wedding now costs $20,398 dollars with most couples spending somewhere between $15,299 and $25,498. Are you insane!?!That is a huge chunk of our house payment! That doesn't even count the honeymoon.

Secondly, why mess with something that works? We love each other. We still giggle back and forth at the end of the night when we are snuggling in bed. I still get excited at the idea of him coming home from work. We can both express our inner evil, sinister, and just plain screwed up thoughts to each other (admit it, you have such screwed up thoughts too!). Even in stressful, crazy times when we mess up badly (like me killing his car or him making a Freudian reference to me being a whore), we love each other. We don't need to add a lot of societal baggage with the word "marriage" to the equation.

Third, we are committed without a piece of paper or a ring. We share something much larger than a federal designation; we share a child. The only father that The Spicy Barracuda has ever known is Jules. In fact it was The Spicy Barracuda himself that insisted in calling Jules "Dad" in the first place. We share a house, a dog, a cell phone contract, and expenses as well (some how those aren't quite as important). We share a life. Isn't that was marriage is supposed to be anyway?

So there you have it: not married, not getting married, no need to worry Honey.

Now, all of you might be wondering what this has to do with our blog. Here is what: Fiesta plates! I seriously lust some Fiesta plates. My life might be bordering on domestic completion with a set of Fiesta plates! Screw marriage; Fiesta plates! Ya, get me? However, with the recent phone call from Jules expressing some nervousness about are impending imaginary wedding proposal, I knew if I just posted about china patterns and permanent household dish purchases this would not go over well. The above disclaimer was to calm him down so I could elaborate on the wonderfulness of bright happy colored glazes; simple concentric circle designs; microwave-, oven-, and dishwasher-safe gorgeous dishes.

The only problem existing with the Fiesta plates (other than the $150 it would cost to have six place settings of them) is that there was no color which matched our kitchen. UNTIL JULY THAT IS! Meet Lemongrass:

This is the newest edition to the Fiesta line and a definite item I'm saving up my tip money for. It is the exact color of our kitchen! I believe this is a sign from The All-Knowing-Heavenly-Powers-That-Be. How awesome would they be in our open air cabinets...and with Tangerine accent accessories.... Squee!

I don't get girly very often, but I'm truely excited about this. Could you tell?

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