Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In honor of the previous post with the words "Grow Lights" in the title, I figured one entitled "Herbage" only made sense. Let's just keep up a theme here! It won't last long since a post about Peas is coming and I don't think I can tie peas into illicit drugs in any way. For now, however, we have a new herb garden and I'm very excited.

When I first began cooking for Jules, it became apparent very quickly there would need to be a revamping of the bachelor food he had been producing for himself. I would say 'cooking' but microwaving cans of cheese glop and frozen mini pizzas doesn't really count.

The problem arose because there were no spices in his house. Not even garlic or pepper. To be fair, there was an overgrown rosemary bush (which looked like an octopus) and some french lavender growing in the backyard. He didn't know what they were, but they were there. These were all well and good, but I'm slightly in love with garlic and definitely lustful of thyme. Chives make me a bit giddy and basil pleases just about everyone. A quick trip to the local warehouse/discount store and little transplants were purchased. All was lovely in spice land.

Then we got the dog.

Guadalupe went psycho on the octopus rosemary bush. It was established enough to not even blink an eye at the crazed dog chewing. She trampled the parsley to death. She did repeated run-by stompings of the bay laurel until it gave up as well. She pooped on my thyme plant. The dill seedlings didn't have a chance. Somehow the sage pulled through and the chives held out. Both were stoic enough to hold on for a few years now and have gotten so large that the dog doesn't bother them. We moved the original garlic bed into a raised bed hoping to deter her. She still gets overly excited about neighbors pets or squirrels and leaps onto the tender shoots.
Sometimes I envision what a nice purse Guadalupe would make.
Then she reminds me how ridiculously weak I am.

How could anyone strangle this face?!

I don't think I could really pull off a fur purse. Not quite my style. The dang dog is too cute and spoiled well loved to become a wardrobe accessory. Something else needed to be done and a taser is too expensive. We decided to go with the much less child-scaring method of creating a herb garden out front where the dog is not allowed.

The plants all look so much happier in the full sun of the front yard and the protection the backyard gate allows. I am much happier as well. So much more space, so much less dog! A secondary bed is going to go in just beside the herbs housing medicinal and useful plants. Good food, good medicine, and household cleaning YAY!

Soapwart, Pennyroyal (for insect repellent, not abortion), Feverfew, and Eyebright shall soon be gracing our front sidewalk with their pretty flowers and added benefits.

Now I get to keep my snuggle buddy and have two boxes of incredible herbs out front. Mommy is very happy!

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