Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Disposables: Glasslock

Have any of you out there seen these?!?
They are Glasslock containers by Snapware which are completely made of glass other than their plastic, gasketed lids (I can live with a plastic lid). They are tempered so they can go in the freezer, refrigerator, or microwave (no oven) and best of all they mean that all the Gladware in our house can disappear! Swoon!

Gladware has been a long hold out in our household because it was all we could find for Jules to take his lunch to and from school. The Pyrex, which has long since replaced household Tupperware, wouldn't stand up to multiple trips being beaten around in the back of Jule's truck. Plus, the lids on Pyrex don't stick on making spills inevitable. It just wouldn't have worked, so the Gladware trudged on getting ever more discusting and ever more stained. Has anyone else noticed that the cheapo plastic Gladware is incredibly hard to clean?

But today, what did we find as we perused the local discount co-op? Glasslock! So Glasslock it will now be. Apparently, Glasslock has been around in swanky stores which normal families cannot shop. Stores like Crate and Barrel and the Container Store have had them around a while. Now they are showing up everywhere, even on Amazon.

I'm so excited! The Gladware was one of the last major plastic holdouts in our household. Rest In Peace you ocean clogging, non-biodegradable, incredibly unhealthy plastic.

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Mel said...

We use these and love them. I found them at the World Market over in Bozeman. My only complaint is that they don't stack as easily. We used to have a drawer of plastic containers and you could shove them all in there--not so much with glass. Still, it's worth the space to be able to use glass. And you can take them to potlucks, take off the lid and have a pretty decent looking serving dish. (I know I have put too much thought into my containers....)


Those look cool. Also, don't forget titanium with home-made plastic lids from recycled zip-loc bags: ;-)

Anonymous said...

if you know someone who has costco check there. i think they have them! also, bed bath and beyond.

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