Monday, May 17, 2010

This Weeks Published Articles

At the urging of a few readers and many friends the following is a list of links to published works for various companies. These are not pay-per-click and I do not get any kind of money for traffic, advertising or such. Mainly, people just wanted to see, well I guess read, what I had written. These are the ones which have been published, a couple have been purchased with scheduled publishing and still others are waiting for review from my editor. (I still get a little excited at writing the words "my editor." I actually have an editor!) Depending on how fast my editor goes through articles, and on interest, I will publish more as they come.

Kevlar vs. Ceramic Brake Pads

How to Clean a Flat Plate Solar Collector

How to Remove Cabinet Door Pulls

These are some of last weeks articles. I was on the bottom of the seniority ladder and thus got the leftovers that no one else wanted. After producing all last week, the articles have become a little more hardcore.

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renee @ FIMBY said...

Thanks for posting these. I was wondering the same thing - what and where is she writing for.

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