Thursday, September 30, 2010

Food Bank

So, what do we do without a television? We volunteer at the Food Bank. Sometimes friends come, sometimes not, but we are there every Thursday regardless.

Service learning is a big part of our homeschool curriculum. Not only does it show the Barracuda he can make a difference regardless of his age, but it also reminds him to be grateful for the little we do have. The Food Bank just down the way distributes food to the entire state of Oregon as well as the outskirts of some boundary states. A couple hours a week isn't a lot, but with the state of our economy and those less fortunate, anything we can do is something.

3 thoughts:

Mr. H. said...

The giving of precious time, it's a very valuable thing that you share so freely. Your boy really lucked out when he ended up with you two as his parents.:)

Granola Girl said...

Thank you very much. I'd say little Jack is sitting pretty darn well with you all as well :)

babbaapril said...

I don't tell you often enpough that you are a great mom. Kudos to Jules as well.

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