Saturday, September 18, 2010

RoadTrip 2010: Day 18 - The Ozarks

On the way out of Georgia, it was important for The Barracuda to see Arkansas. I have no idea why, but the entire trip over to Georgia was heavily peppered with the location of Arkansas. He has been learning the States and apparently taken quite a fondness to this one. So we figured why not.

Now I must confess and apologize to Arkansas. I had never been to Arkansas before, but I was a bit presumptuous. Even more I was a bit negatively stereotypical. I thought Arkansas and I heard banjo music. I envisioned people who were missing teeth, and married their cousins, and said "Durrr" a lot. Think Deliverance. It was bad of me. I'm sorry Arkansas. You totally didn't deserve it.

Arkansas was beautiful!

We camped in the Ozarks at one of the best campsites for the entire trip. I dare say it was probably the most amazing location we had. There was a river less than 5 minutes from camp. It included a nature - made water slide of smooth rocks and enough sun to make the water feel superb.

We had a nice flat area to do the sun salutation in the morning and view the stars at night. The air was warm, but not overly balmy and the bugs were minimal.

There were butterflies frolicking in the flowers in drunken ecstasy. It was rather perfect and much like a Hallmark movie.

This was definitely not the Arkansas that I had in mind. We didn't hear any banjo music and weren't feasting on opossum. I am humbled by your beauty, Arkansas, and look forward to returning.

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