Monday, September 13, 2010

RoadTrip 2010: Day 9 - New Orleans

I did not realize it, but New Orleans is actually a National Park. Jean Lafitte National Park covers six separate areas around southern Louisiana and one of those is New Orleans. Though not your standard National Park, the historical significance of the area is quite interesting. Apparently Jean Lafitte realized the cultural significance of the Port of New Orleans back when it was a major trade post. He encouraged a city which fostered acceptance of all walks of life, immersion and blending of cultures to create a fusion of new and interesting perspectives, and the idea that there should be a place where anyone can feel at home. No wonder this is one of Jules' favorite places on the planet!

However, New Orleans is a bit restrictive when you are traveling with a small person. Though we walked Bourbon Street our son was thankfully clueless of much of what he was seeing. The Barracuda was given some beads by "a nice lady wearing funny pants" (thong underwear and thigh high go-go boots), and that comment basically sums up how much flew completely over his head.

What he didn't fly completly over his head were the Beignets. Beignets are fried fritters covered in a thick layer of powdered sugar and brought to New Orleans by the French. Cafe du Monde sells these delectable treats from a walk up window which is open all night long. There is a very specific way to eat these treats which The Barracuda will now walk you through.

How to Eat A Beignet by The Barracuda

So you want to know how to eat a Beignet, huh? Alright, I'll show ya.

But listen up, 'cause they's tasty!

First you shake them up really, really well. Get that powdered sugar all over 'em. It's okay if it gets on you, too. Oooh! They are getting so good with all that sugar!

But don't you be thinkin' about touchin' my beignets! I saw that look! You go get your own! Touchin' a man's beignets is liable to get you hurt. Those are fightin' words. My mom doesn't even let me have sugared cereal and you were thinking about taking away my beignets?! Crazy!

'Cause they's tasty!

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Mr. H. said...

You are on one heck of an amazing trip and the lad is going to have a whole lot of good memories. That last picture was pretty good.:)

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