Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cutting A Rug

I just got back from a very fancy date with a much younger man. We got dressed up and he combed his hair (a special night in deed!). There was music and dancing and a big ballroom. But it was getting late and tomorrow is a school night. Bedtime calls. He escorted me home (or vise versa) and was a total gentleman.

Shortly after we arrived, however, I was upstaged by a younger woman in a much prettier dress! I'd call her a hussy, but she was really cute.

Then he began working the room and I was left to guard the punch.
We're going to have our hands full by 13!

They danced several more times that evening.
I snuck in an extra dance here or there in between his harem of girls.

The Barracuda has started taking dance lessons. Shortly after we started, he was asked to join the performance/competition group by the dance instructors and they are currently trying to find him a partner. He is ecstatic and loves to dance. What I did not know is that finding a partner for a small 6 year old isn't really all that easy. As such, we now attend the all classes dance parties offered by the instructors so that we can hopefully find another female which is within the mandatory 2-3 inches of his height without her heels on or 4-6 inches with her heals on. (I know, 2 inch heels!)

The parties are for all classes meaning adult through 5. The instructors are professionals and we got to watch the adult routines of who were attending the World Championships coming up this weekend. The idea is to show the kids and teens what professional ballroom/latin/country dancers look like. We even to got to see a Polka.

They twirled and wore sparkly outfits while the audience clapped and whistled. It was SO much fun.

Mainly, it means fancy parties like this one in a professional ballroom and dressing up. YAY! I'm dragging inviting Jules next time.

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Mr. H. said...

How exciting, it's amazing what children enjoy doing if they can be introduced before they are influenced by others and form a negative opinion. Our grandson learned to ice skate the other day...he absolutely loves it.

I've always enjoyed watching people do the Argentino tango...I think that's the one. Now you are going to have to make Jules watch "Dancing With the Stars" like my wife forces me to do.:)

Mel said...

Wow- that looks like so much fun. We've thought about dance classed for our boys, but we'd have to drive over the pass to get to them. I like to stay on my side of the mountain as much as possible ;) What a great opportunity for you to see some fun dancing.

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