Tuesday, December 07, 2010

More Reasons We're Not Normal

Jules has often said that students would never believe his real life. I have to agree. We live a pretty rockin' existence. Perhaps when he retires we'll write a novel.

As a case and point, we are really good friends with a man named Dingo. Yes, Dingo - like the Australian dog. His middle name is Da and his last name is Dizmal. Yeah, that's his acutal name. Dingo Da Dizmal. He's a great dad of two very normal kids. His wardrobe is out of this world, as is his handlebar mustache. One time, he wore combat boots, overalls cut off into knickers, no shirt, and a fur coat. He rocked it hard. He's the Dingo.

Rockin' the duds and the broom!

His sweetheart is a woman named Olive Rootbeer. I'm totally not kidding. Her last name is Rootbeer.
Olive making an awesome balloon animal mermaid

Ready for more?

They make their living as professional street clowns. They sell popcorn. Now they have an adult coloring book which is selling like MAD on Etsy. It is about rubber chickens. Seriously people, I couldn't make this stuff up. They also are quite lucrative in selling paintings of rubber chickens.

Oh, and he rides a bicycle taller than me as well as plays the banjo. He's amazing. He's the Dingo. You all should check out his wacky coloring book so you too can say you know of The Dingo.

How can someone wearing these pants not make your life better?

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