Saturday, December 11, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

My Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog came today. SEED CATALOG!!!! In case you all out there didn't know, mid to late December is a time of thanks, gratitude, and joy in our house not because of all that religious stuff, but due to seed catalogs coming in the mail. The Roman Catholic Church must have known this when they picked Jesus' birth to coincide with this time of year. Jules is equally dreading excited about all the questions, and pictures, and discussions about seeds that we get to have. Yay!

It is chock full of page after page of full color garden porn. Normally this would call for running a hot bath and telling the entire household to consider me dead for the next 2 hours. With us moving, however, I currently do not know if I'm going to have a garden (or even a yard).

Slight buzzkill.

The bummer doesn't need to be all encompassing, though. I can still pull out a notebook and pine over tomato, squash, and lettuce varieties just in case.

I've considered making a calendar out of all the pretty pictures inside the catalog so that I can have a fictitious garden which always looks beautiful, never has weeds, and produces perfect food. We'll have to see. In a couple weeks we will know a bit more about exactly where we are going to and when.

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Mel said...

Even in a small place you can do a little container gardening. And things like tomatoes and squashes can grow up a trellis....with enough time alone in the bath I bet you cna come up with a few creative ideas;)

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