Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bike Box

So, what does our family do without television? We revamp a 7 dollar bike carrier purchased from a garage sale and take The Barracuda for rides.

The true intent of the bike box is to haul around books we want to resell to the used book store, future garage sale finds, or groceries. Previously, we have been limited to hauling whatever we could carry in a messenger bag and it was quite restrictive. However, The Barracuda finds this quite a nice way to travel and we might just put a couple of bike hooks on the back so that his bike can be carried along with him. If we then want to start taking longer bike tours than his little legs can handle, he and his bike can ride in the box.

4 thoughts:

babbaapril said...

Love it!

Mr. H. said...

I love your carrier and think it would be perfect for a small dog too. We were just talking about how the dog will keep up with us over long distances when we are riding the mountain bikes...

Jason said...

That's awesome. That sounds like something I would have done as a kid with my brothers! I'm actually thinking about doing something similar and using it to haul camping gear when I go camping in places where you have to hike your gear in and out.

Thanks for sharing!



Granola Girl said...

Mr. H ~ Rowdy has gotten so big it is just amazing! The chance tail or paws in a couple of your pictures fortell of his newfound "dogness" and a long gone puppy. He would fit just find in a box like this, though you might have to give him something to chew on or a comfort toy as it bounces a bit. He might become so scared he jumps out and could hurt himself.

Honestly, it is just a plywood and 2x4 box (exactly like the firewood box we made) that was screwed into the carrier frame with wood screws. Really simple and really cheap! Good Luck!

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