Thursday, June 03, 2010

Target Practice

So what does our family do without television? We practice our aim with a cork gun and the lid of a 5 gallon bucket.

The Barracuda has only ever seen one real gun in his entire life. Jule's used it to show him exactly what a gun is and how to be careful when handling a firearm. But, we do have guns in our house. They are locked up and unloaded, however it is important The Barracuda knows how to appropriately use a firearm if we own them (especially if we are going to move to the middle of no where and hunt). Recently he acquired his very own Daisy Red Rider BB gun to begin learning. Grampa stepped in with a much better idea by purchasing a cork gun a garage sale. It has been very helpful with our wet weather.

4 thoughts:

renee @ FIMBY said...

cool. Laurent's preferred weapon is elastic bands and he's frightfully accurate at aiming.

Mr. H. said...

My first gun was a 22 rifle, I still have it, although I have not shot it in ages. Good for you for allowing the boy to have a bb and cork gun and teaching him how to properly handle them.

Granola Girl said...

It is a big boy moment. Being female, I never really had the level of pride that comes from getting a first firearm. His BB gun gets locked in the gun case next to his dad's 30/30 and both of them are just beaming when they put them away.

babbaapril said...


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