Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Bucket List

In honor of Melynda at Your Wild Child, here is our summer bucket list:

  1. Show the Barracuda how to find a few constellations and spend some time stargazing
  2. Road trip across the country
  3. See the Sequoias and watch the Barracuda's amazement at just how big nature is and how small we are
  4. Cut 5 cords of wood
  5. Kill the dryer permanently
  6. Spend more time with my guitar
  7. Get the book proposal outlined and started
  8. Read My Side Of the Mountain while we camp out
  9. Figure out next years curriculum
What do you want to accomplish before summer is over?

2 thoughts:

Mr. H. said...

One of my goals to accomplish this summer is to learn all about at least 5 new wild edible plants. We went for a hike this morning and snacked on all sorts of weird things that are edible this time of year.

I like #5 on your list, we mostly use our clothes line unless it is really rainy out...when our dryer dies this time around I hope to not replace it.:)

Mel said...

Hope you are making progress on your list! We have crossed off a couple things (and had a ton of fun doing it) and have plans for a couple more.

It's great fun seeing what other people put on their list.

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